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Moth Caught Chords

Slowcoaster - Moth Caught

c#m - x57565
  E - 022100
  A - x02220
 b7 - x21200

Intro: c#m   E   A    repete

Riff played over intro:

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c#m                   E           A
Your Rrapped around this tungsten coil
c#m                E                A
and there just aint no cure after 11 am
       c#m            E          A
your a hasty wineing little boy she said
        c#m                     E              A          c#m   E     A
better free yourself from this finger trap if you can
    c#m        E      A
if you        can


Pre Chorse:
      b7                               A  
Empty Bottles From a circle around my self
       b7                              A
i point finger round the room till i point them rite at myself
          b7                   A
if i get weak i guess i just did it to myself
              b7                       A
and if i pass out then i guess i just did it to myself

Thre was a moth caught last november
---1--------------1---------       (for chorus jsut strum an E chord with the hammer ons i show

Solo over verse chords:



Outro: play verse chords