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Only If Youre Certain Chords

Tabbed by Sam de Brunner
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2
Chords relative to capo

      C  FM7  G


C  FM7  C  FM7

 C              FM7
 Only if you're certain
 C                    FM7
 That I'm the perfect human
 C                FM7
 Only if the time frame 
 C          G       C
 Will never get the blame

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 C              FM7
 Only from your heartbeat
 C             FM7
 Only words in concrete
 C             FM7
 Never call to tell me
 C             G      C
 The beat went out of time

 C               FM7
 ĎCos Iím a lazy quitter
 C             FM7
 I panic and I dither
 C                   FM7
 Iíll only lose your patience
 C           G       C
 Youíll only find me rude

 C                    FM7
 But Iíve the perfect body
 C                   FM7
 For you to flip and carry
 C                         FM7
 And all your friends will love me
 C          G      C
 ĎCos I put in the time

 C                       FM7
 I know you think you're only
 C         FM7
 Trying to love me
 C                  FM7
 But I can't take a retreat
 C          G    C
 I hope you understand