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One Rung Chords

One Rung
By Brent Best
From Slobberbone's "Barrel Chested" 

(C) Now it's 3 AM,
And the (F) walls are closing (C) in
I can hear them whisper, "That fool,
He's done it (G) again" 
The (C) air has turned cold,
(F) But I can't reach my (C) window
So I lay here twisted, and I
(G) Pray for the dreams to (C) flow
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Another day done;
Plenty of work, no fun,
And in a bottle or a T.V. dinner
Solace comes
One bad day leads to more,
Like the one drink that you pour,
And becomes a lifetime of hopes
And dreams ignored

(F) I never made any (C) specific plans
(Am) I'd always said you knew (Dm) I was just a simple (F) man
(F)And I never made any (C) deals with you
(Am) I (Dm) never knew that I (G) needed to

You spend your whole life waiting for something to change
Something or someone to come around and rearrange
You spend your whole damn life trying to climb just one rung,
With nothing to do, if it never comes