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Lame Chords

By Brent Best
From Slobberbone's "Barrel Chested" 

(G)Now everything's fine(G-C-G)
But I'm still gonna whine (G-C-G)
You've got eyes that shine (G-c-G),
But they aren't (C) mine unless I (D)pay for them in full
(G)And that's the rule(G-C-G)
And I guess that's cool(G-C-D)
(C)But I ain't no (D)fool,
And I won't be (C) made to look like I'm some (D) troglodyte
(C) I won't come home (D)until it's night
(C)Can't be seen just (D)hanging around,
(C) Unless you (D)come along
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Girl if you go, I'm gonna stay home
But if you stay, I'll go away,
And I won't come back all night
No that ain't right, but let's not fight
These words are trite, but there the only ones I know
You must have things to do,
And I can't always be with you
There's a thousand reasons I could name,
But every single one is lame
You take these chains, break these ties that bind me
my whole life
Take me home, I don't mind, and now we both hate life
Face down in some bar you'll find me waiting, wife,
calling out your name

Now wait a minute dear
Get yourself another beer
And as long as you're there, Get me one too and we'll work this thing all out
I had no doubt
Don't you sit there and pout