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Get Gone Again Chords

Get Gone Again
By Brent Best
From Slobberbone's "Barrel Chested" 

(D)I'm so sick of (A)writin' songs (Em)about screwing (G)up
No matter how much I fall down, seems its never enough
no matter how much good luck comes my way
I'll find some way to ruin it, fall down again the next day


(D)Road rash, (A)run down, (Em)wrinkled from the (G)rain,
The song in my heart makes just one sound
but I sing along just the same
And I wonder how long I'll hang around
'fore I go insane, 'fore I break down, and get gone again
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(D)Put myself on (A)trial again for (Em)crimes I couldn't (G)see
My naked aggression was picked up with for a charge of indecency
And I remember the way I felt when first it exposed itself to me
Abd I prayed for forgiveness and a sympatheic jury



(A)And it makes no dif(Bm)ference what you thought(Em) you came here for(G)
Any plans that you might of had, were swept right out the door
And it makes no difference how hard you think you tried
'Cause what you'll find out in the end is's just a lie

(D)There's been girls (A)who loved me(Em), but I cheated on (G)them
With a woman named whiskey, and gin, her best friend
Their affections flow like liquid to a thousand other men
Who'll trade lovin' for liquor, salvation for sin


Get gone(G) again,
Get gone again