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Front Porch Chords

Front Porch
By Brent Best
From Slobberbone's " Barrel Chested" 

(G)Driven to silence, but I'm (C) drowning in (G)sin
(G)My mandolin hangs on the (C)wall once (D)again
(G)I can't seem to find the right (Bm)words from within,
(C) But I won't be (D)looking for (G)long

There comes a time when nothing seems clear'
Your passed out on the front porch with a head full of beer,
Confused and clouded by thoughts of you dear
But I won't be thinking for long

So many years ago when I was pure,
I was drunk on direction but afflicted with a cure
For all ailments cynical, that's how things were
But I didn't stay drunk for too long

Notions and knowledge came and sobered me up
I sipped from their bottle; I slammed a whole cup
That swill seemed to sit well, but I should've thrown it up
Cause it didn't sit well for too long
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(Em)I was a fool
I was stupid (C) because (D)
I was (Em) mistaking knowledge for (C)just a good (D) buzz
(Em)Five years drunk on wine and (C) words and wit
(Am)Served by cynics and charlatans
They were all full of (D) shit
(over "all full of sh*t" play the notes A-B-C-D)

Empty cans of frustration and cans of regret
Line the living room floor that you've often swept
Pop another one open and wretch at the stench
It's a hard drink to swallow for a thirst you can't quench

But there'll come a time when it all seems clear
When your past out on the front porch, your head full of beer
Confused and clouded by thoughts of you dear,
But I won't be clouded for long

Now I'm driven to silence, and I'm drowning in sin
My mandolin hangs on the wall once again
I can't seem to find the right words from within,
But I won't be looking for long
I'll stink of drink 'til I let you in,
Then I won't be stinking for long