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Snuff Chords

                            Snuff-Slipknot-Tabed by David Wilder(ishalsexy)

F#m,Em,D,A  x2

F#m                  E  D  A
Bury all you secerts in my skin
                                      Em    D  A           
come away with innocence and leave me with my sins
F#m                       Em    D A
Air around me still feels like a cage
    F#m                                             D    A    
And love is just a camoflauge for what resembles rage agin 
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       F#m,Em,D,A x2
So if you love me let me go
and run away before i know 
                    E         F#m
my heart is just to dark to care 
          Em            F#m
i cant destroy what isnt there
         E          F#m
deliver me to my fate 
         Em            F#m
if im alone i cannot hate
i dont deserve to have you
my smile was taken long ago 
               A                 D
if i canchange i hope ill never know

     F,Em,D,A  X2
F#m                         E  D   A  
I still press your letters to my lips
    F#m              E     D  A        E      D     A
and cherish them in parts of me- then sever every kiss

sorry i didnt get to finish this. And dont give me too much shit its my 1ST post:)-

-play in double drop D and try to go hahf steap down and see how it sounds