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Execute Tab

			     ".Execute." --- Slipknot

Tabbed by: [travis]

*There's probably no reason why I should even bother in tabbing out this song,
 but, whatever. It's really easy to figure out, and there's only 3 different riffs
 that are being played in this song.

Tuning:  Drop B [B F# B E G# C#] (low to high)
                [B Gb B E Ab Db] in case you don't know #s, or you don't have
                                 #s on your tuning device for some reason.

Key: F Major (F G A Bb C D E)


w = whammy bar
-1 = push down the whammy bar one whole step
x/x/ = pick slide
! = tremelo pick
~ = ring out
__ = push whammy bar down slowly

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Guitar 1:  Play this over and over again until the end of the song.
           *If you don't have a whammy bar, then slowly slide down 
            the neck after you pick the 19th fret. Only on the whammy
            bar part though.****
E |----------------------------------------|
B |-x/x/x/x/-----------x/x/x/x/------------|
B |----------------------------------------|

Guitar 2: This comes in halfway through the song.
          Use a lot of distortion and heavy reverb.

E |-------------------------|
B |-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Let this ring out for the rest of the song.
B |-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

Guitar 3: This comes in a couple seconds after Guitar 2's part.
E |----|
B |----| Keep tremelo picking this until the end of the song.
F#|----| *I think they're 32nd notes that are being picked*
B |-0!-|

That's it. Pretty easy.
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