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Circle Chords

Slipknot - Circle

This is how I play it.

chords used

E5 (02245x) or (0799xx)
D  (xx0232)
A  (x02220)
C  (x32010)
B  (x2444x)

Intro: E5 (fade in)


Give me the dust............  Follow me.

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D          A          C              B
All that I wanted are things I had before.
D          A        C            B
All that I needed I never needed more.
D         A             C             B
All of my questions are answers to my sins.
D         A           C            E5
All of my endings are waiting to begin.

Guitar 1 plays E5 
Guitar 2 plays this distorted bit.


Then the second verse:
I know the way....  Follow me.

Then do the chorus again.

I don't know the ending part... sorry. 

That's it. please rate and comment. cheers!!