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Ab Machines Tab

On the record Derek just tunes his guitar up for the first part, but live he uses a slide

please note...i haven't written out the exact picking patterns.

Use the slide to move from 2nd to 4rth fret, picking as you go

e ---------------------|
B ---------------------|
G ---------------------|
D ---------------------|
A ---------------------|
E -2////////4444444444-|

Uses Harmoniser
[ Tab from: ]
e -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -/13--13/17-17-17/-18-\--| use the slide for this as well
D -------------------------|
A -------------------------|
E -------------------------|

e -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -/13--13/17-17-17/-18-\--| use this if you want to be different =D
D -------------------------|
A -/11--11/15-15-15/-16-\--|
E -------------------------|

Thats basically it the whole way through. Between the first and second parts he just 
slides up on the G string slowly using the slide and the harmoniser - didn't think there 
was any point tabbing that bit.

Well, enjoy.