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Turning Page Chords

okay so this is how it is played on piano but transferd to guitar.. for the inro and 
interludes just pick the chords.. erm hope its alright thanks :) x

Eb                                                          Ab
 I've waited a hundred years I'd wait a million more for you
 Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

Bb      Cm
 If I had only felt
    Ab                  Eb
The warmth within your touch
Bb       Cm
If I had only seen
        Ab             Eb
How you smile when you blush

Bb         Cm
Or how you curl your lip
         Ab           Eb
When you concentrate enough
I would have known
                Cm        Ab  /  /  /
What I was living for all along

/  /  Ab  Eb/G Fm   Eb (start broken chords)
What I've been living for
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Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words are made
Eb                Gm
 Every kiss is a cursive line
Cm                Bb        Ab
Every touch is a redefined phrase

Bb      Cm             Ab
 I surrender who I've been
For who you are
Bb         Cm
Nothing makes me stronger than
Ab            Eb
Your fragile heart
Bb      Gm              Ab
If I had only felt how it feels
To be yours
Then I would have known
                    Cm      Am  (F  G G  
Eb  F  G  G  Eb)
What I've been living for all along
                      Eb   [Bb  F  G  Eb  
D  Eb] x6  x2    x2
What I've been living for                          /C  /Bb   /C

Though we're tethered
/Bb                  /Ab
To the story we must tell
When I saw you
Well I knew we'd tell it well
With a whisper
We will tame the viscious scenes
Like a feather