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I'm pretty sure the chords are right, but let me know me if you disagree!
This is the original key but especially for girls I recommend to transpose
it up a couple of steps. :) Enjoy!

Key: Em

Am                D
As our hearts lay sleeping
Em             D
As our bodies rest
Am           D             Em    D
The Heavens open up for us
Am           D           
Put down your weapon, child
 Em              D
And close your eyes
'Cause you and your enemies
    D          Em      D
Are innocent tonight

C(maj7)       Am(7)
I never wanted you
         Em            D
I never wanted you to go
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           C       Am         Em
There's a voice inside your soul
       D                      C        Am
That resonates through your skin and bone
       Em         D         
Up through the blades of grass
      Am        Em                 Am
Underneath the feet of God's only son
The war that you're fighting
                     Am D  Em  D
Has already been won

Am            D              Em
I just want to survive with you by my side
      D               Am           D        C Am Em D
With you by my side, I just want to survive

Crooked mouth, quiet down
Let your fists come undone
 Em           D          Am
Miscarried love will be reborn
When we sleep
The devil's arms are tied
The war that we're fighting
                   Em  G
Has already been won…
I never wanted this,
         D                 Em
I never wanted this to go away.
I never wanted this,
I never asked for it,
I never meant to let it go

Am            D              Em
I just want to survive with you by my side 
With you by my side
Am           D
I just want to survive
Em            D        Am  G  Em Am  C D
I just want to survive