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From: (Tim Norris) (Tim Norris)
Subject: Re: WANTED: Lyrics of "Far, Far Away" (Slade)

No, it's definitely "Far, Far Away", from the top 1974 motion picture 'Slade in
Flame'. Now there's a damn fine rock movie...

Here are the words and a rough idea of the chords, too (I'm fairly certain
they're right, but it's late at night so there's no guarantee and definitely no
money back). Oh, and the # is a sharp sign on my Mac, who knows what's going to
come out the other end. Computers, eh? Who'd 'ave 'em?

Far Far Away - Noddy Holder and Dave Lea

Bm  A  Bm  A  Bm  A
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              Bm               A               Bm     A
I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi
              Bm             A                      Bm   Bsus2 Bm
I've seen the bridges of the world and they are for real
           G                 A                D     Dsus2  D
I've had a red light off-the-wrist without me even getting kissed
   G                A
It still seems so unreal

I've seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska
I've seen the sunset in the East and in the West
I've sang the glory that was Rome
And passed the 'Hound Dog' singer's home
It still seems for the best

        D    D/C# D/B  D/A
And I'm far, far away
        G              A
With my head up in the clouds
        D    D/C# D/B  D/A
And I'm far, far away
        G                A
With my feet down in the crowds
        D       D/C#     D/B  D/A
Letting loose around the world
        G               F#
But the call of home is loud
         Bm    A  Bm   A   Bm   A
Still as loud

I've seen the Paris lights from high upon Montmartre
And felt the silence hanging low in No Man's Land
And though those Spanish nights were fine
It wasn't only from the wine
It still seems all in hand

And I'm far, far away, &c...

I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi
The Grand Bahama Island stories carry on
And though those aligator smiles
Stay in your memory for a while
There still seems more to come

And I'm far, far away &c...

Tim Norris

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