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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:44:08 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: PRO: s/skyhooks/carlton_(lygon_street_blues)

Song: Carlton (Lygon Street Blues)
By: Skyhooks
Album: Living In The 70's
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards

[E] [B] [D] [A]	x 3

Ah, when the [E]sun sets over [B]Carlton
And the [D]moonlight floods the [A]streets
All those the [E]pizza places
And [B]spaced out paces
They [D]all get on the [A]beat
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Ah, when the sun sets over Carlton
And the stars begin to shine
All those grey haired riders
And drunken fighters
They all step out of line

Short break
[E] [D] [B] [A] [E] [D] [D] [E]

Ah, when the sun sets over Carlton
And the day beings to fade
All those nighttime junkies
And long haired monkeys
They all pull up the shade

Ah, when the sun sets over Carlton
And the light begins to go
All those here-by-nighters
And windows wipers
They all put on a show

Short break

When the [E]sun sets over [D]Carlton			)
And you're [A]out to make a [E]deal			)
[E]Check out who you're [D]talkin' to			) x 2
And [A]make sure they are [E]real				)

Short break

D ---5---7-5-----------------
A -7---7-----7-----5---7-5---
E ---------------7---7-----7-

Well Lygon street really got me beat
I can't seem to stand on my own two feet
Well Lygon street really got me down
'Cause I'm a poor boy on the wrong side of town

Short break

[Em]Ah, Lygon street limbo					)
How low can you go, go					) repeat