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Balwyn Calling Chords

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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:40:28 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
To: Olga 
Subject: PRO: s/skyhooks/balwyn_calling

Song: Balwyn Calling
By: Skyhooks
Album: Living In The 70's
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards

You met her at a party on Saturday night
She was drinking Advocaat
Her skin was smooth
And her jeans were tight
You didn't think she'd go that far
Ah well, she might have looked like a princess
[G]Why'd ya have to [F#]give her [G]your [C]add[E]ress
[D]'Cause you ain't safe when you get home
[E]She gonna [D]call ya on the tel[C]e[A]phone		x 2
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G -7-6-4---7-6-4---7-6-4-----------
D -------7-------7-------7-5-4-----
A -----------------------------7-5-

[D[Hey boy, that's Balwyn callin'		x 3
[D]Get on the [C]phone, [D]'till ya been [F#]stall[D]in'	x 2

It's just too easy when ya got to her flat
And she kicked off her platform shoes
You played around like a cat and a rat
And now you got the Balwyn blues
Well, you thought that she'd be a one nighter
[G]But now she wants to [F#]squeeze [G]you [C]tight[E]er
[D]'Cause you ain't safe when you get home
She gonna call ya on the telephone		x 2


She sure knows when she's got a good catch
And she just won't let go
She's been searchin' for the perfect match
Her ambition with your dough
A brick veneer prison is waiting for you
[G]You just [F#]smile while [G]she turns the [D]screw
You ain't safe when you get home
She gonna call ya on the telephone		x 2


Hey boy that's Balwyn callin' (quiet)	x 4


Get on the phone
And get out of Balwyn