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Tell Me All About Your Day Chords

Artist: Skye Edwards
Album: Mind How You GO
Song: Tell Me About Your Day

This song  is quite a dodle. G Am F all the way threw the verse and chorus. Tis tab is 
an acoustic guitar.


G    Am F                     G
Tell me all about your day.

Am         F
So good to hear from you.

G    Am F                   G
Tell me bout your day.

Am            F
Feels good to speak to you.


G      Am
I'm in New Orleans.
It's just like you'd imagine,
[ Tab from: ]
Places selling jambalaya and cheap voodoo dolls
Old guys busking, little black boys dancing
They got beer bottle tops on the bottom of their shoes.

Its' quite easy to grasp so far then the Middle 8, This part is originally played using 
but you can sweep pick, picking each string from E to e

F  G  Am C             F
So far.  So far away.

G            C
So many towns it feels like the same day.

F      G  Am  C                F   G
I'm so far,   so far from you.

All this distance spoils the view.

Then back into the verse, please rate it, any questions email  cheers, Dave.