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Truth About Us Chords

Can't find the lyrics anywhere, so I did my best, been wanting to play this for a 
long time, sounds about right to me.  
the D is a C chord shape slid up to the 5th fret like so (at least, thats what is done live).  
Listen to the song for pace/strum pattern, I tried to get the chords lined up on 
exactly the right words, 
but where I put them and this tab submission thing puts them are two very different places.

e- 0
B- 3
G- 0
D- 4
A- 5
e- x

Intro: G
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When we rode into town we didnt have horses
We had fate by the balls and destinys face turned in
We settled for less on loves dusty trail
We wanted something more than just an ok coral
D			                        	           C
Take the skeletons from the closet, put em under the floor
D			                                       C
Lets settle up on boothill to the view we adore
Heres the truth about us, we get exhumed by assumption
We have to work hard, have to get on a talk show
Let the host root around, see where it goes
If thats too far well bust a chair right over his nose
D			                                          C
Take a bite of the big apple while the room is for free
D			          	                    	 C
Spit the pulp into the Hudson like it was British tea
     Am		                    G				        
Aw marina, marina, its sad and its lonely, 
D			                               Em
when your pointing the gun at the president
	Am		                   G			    
Im a flunky with a rifle, Im an NRA golden boy
D		                       Em
a genius forging a legend
Heres the truth about us, we came in demanding
A scarlet face wrung battle southern bell - ?
I let Hoover reply, left me hard to pay
The truth about us is buried deep in Connolys lake
D		                                             C
Open all the coffins, only one thing inside	
D				                            C
A pink dress and a pillbox hat with Camelot tags
        Am		             G
Aw marina, marina, its cold and its lonely
D				               Em
When the porters are carrying your coffin
Am				                 G
Oh please baby please let the coincidence leave me
D			                       Em
A martyr to patriotic negligence
G			                D             		                 G      C
Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to trial
Am				                             G
Where every girl and boy can grow up to be the president
D				                       Em
Or grow up to be the presidents killer
Am				                        G
Its equal opportunity, its the land of hope and glory
D				                      Em
Its a cheap Italian mail order thriller
Heres the truth about us, we sailed from Manhatten
We were hoping to find the tears from Ellis island
Send them back from the shore, send them back out to see
How a promise can grow smaller if the two sides agree
D					                        C
We sent them packing off to Auschwitz when we heard the reports
We wrote how dare you with their ashes
As if we couldnt have known
Am			                             G
Ya see marina, marina, I took lessons from my country
D				                              Em
About national interest and the big picture
Am			                               G
Gonna manifest my destiny, gonna spread the legs of misery
D				                         Em
Got a piece in my hand and Im loaded
Well the truth about us aint hard to figure
Well its adding up to a hell of a toll on us
We been up all night, let the tympani roll
Facts in paper pledges turned to solid gold
D				                           C
Pick up your guns from the thug in classroom B
D				              	            	   C
Theres people out there whose lives depend on our misery, misery
Its the truth about us...