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Jumping My Shadow Chords

C                  Am
Maybe someday someone will love me
C                        Am
for what I am instead of what I should be
C                        Am
until that day I'll just sit here weeping
C                      Am
chasing dreams is like shadow leaping
G                               Em  
The face behind the mirror an unrecognized reflection
G                                       Em
his eyes are old and tired, filled with bitter recollection
G                                   Em    
The cross that he has carried was a burden I've made
       C                              Em
It's a baptism of tears, they are the seas in which I bathe

                Am                           G               Em
cause there's a fire in my heart but I can't breathe for the smoke
           Am                            F         Em 
Seems that I'm living proof, my life's a practical joke
          Am                          G           Em
There's a wind in my sails but I have lost all my direction
     Am                        F                         Em
With no stars to guide me, now you're not here beside me anymore
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