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Clown Of Thorns Chords

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:13:40 +0000 (GMT)
From: "N.Ricioppo" 
Subject: CRD: Clown_of_Thorns.by_Skyclad (fwd)

A Clown of Thorns
written by Steve Ramsey and George Biddle (1997)
Taken from Skyclad's 8th album "The Answering Machine"
(Massacre Records)

Guitar chords and vocal line

These, to the best of my knowledge (which I admit is not
infallible) are the chords to the song.  As the guitar
is fairly low in the mix I've picked out bass notes and
written down the corresponding guitar chord for any
parts which I wasn't 100% but the end result should
definitely be recognisable from the recorded version.
Use an acoustic guitar if possible and don't forget that
on the CD it is playing alongside drums, violin, bass
and Martin's vocals.  Pay attention to the number of
beats for which each chord lasts (written in brackets)
- concentrate on getting your strumming right and you're
halfway there...
[ Tab from: ]
Hope I've done Mr Ramsey and co. justice.  If he
(Mr. Ramsey) or you think not and have any improvements
to make then feel free to contact me at

Here we go...

Dm  (4)     C  (2)     Am  (2)

Dm  (4)     C  (2)     Am  (2)

C  (4)     Dm  (4)

C  (4)     Dm  (4)

For this next bit the C, Bb and A should be barre

Dm  (2)     F  (1)     C  (1)     Bb  (2)     A  (2)

play the final E in the next line as shown here:
(tab format)

G  (2)     F  (2)     E  (2)     E  (2)
Dm  (2)    F  (1)     C  (1)     Bb  (2)     A  (2)
G  (2)     F  (2)     E  (2)     E  (2)   [7th fret]

Enter Vocals: - chords in brackets

(Dm)Walking my personal Calvary mile to a (C)do it

yourself cruci(Am)fixion It;s a (Dm) Kingdom of clowns

wearing martyrdom's frown, I (C) fight for my hammer and

(Am) nails. We're an (C) endless procession of lost

dispossessed unbel(Dm)ievers Whose (C) prayers go unheard

and unanswered, unheard and unanswered like junk mail for


*note - final A is barred

Try embelishing the chords i.e. hammering on/off various
notes to add more feeling into the song.