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Little Baby Swastikka Bass Tab

Skunk Anansie - Little baby Swastikka.
>From Paranoid and Sunburnt.
Bass tabs


G |---------------|
D |---------------|   ¬ means let the note ring
A |4¬¬2¬¬---------|
E |------4¬¬3¬¬1¬¬|


G |----------|
D |*--------*|   Replace the last G with a high A harmonic
A |*------2-*|   every four bars.
E |-00-013-3-|   On the second verse there's a E |-0/10\0 thing.

                 Just work it out :)

The run at the end of the verse:

G |-----------------|
D |5h7p5------------|   I'm not sure but it sounds *almost*
A |-----5h7p5-------|   right.
E |----------5h7p5-3|

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G |--- - ------|
D |*-- - -----*|   Brackets mean you don't have to play the note
A |*--(3)---2-*|
E |-00 - 013-3-|

G |----------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------|
A |2-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-0----------55555|
E |--------------------3-3-3-3-3-----|

Then it's back to the Pre-chorus for a bit and then the intro.

The solo (or something like it):

G |------------------------------------7-|
D |*5h7p5--------------5h7p5------------*|
A |*-----5h7p5--------------5h7p5-------*|
E |-----------5h7p5-3------------5h7p5---|

This isn't perfect, but it's close enough if you ask me. If it's not,
mail me at with corrections.