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Anti Social Chords


A                               D
I don't like papers and reading books
G                              A
Gettin' bored now, thinkin' it sucks
A                               D
I don't wanna listen to another word
G               A
I'm so bleedin' bored 

    A  A  A    D  
I'm an-ti-social
A  A  A     D
A  A  A     D
G          A
I hate the world 
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I don't wanna go to work another day
I wanna be somebody
I don't wanna wear no dinner suit
I don't wanna family 


I ain't gonna be no rich man's tool
I ain't gonna cut my hair
Gonna wear boots and a short-haired crop
Whats the trade source there


Walking 'round the streets and wondering what to do
I ain't got no money or a set of wheels
It's such a drag
Lookin' at the posers and their flashy cars
Just walkin' round
Never gonna get a house, wife or kids
I ain't gonna settle down 


Skrewdriver - Ian Stuart
Tabbed by Mattiasb88