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Monkey Business Bass Tab

Band: Skid Row 
Song: Monkey Business 
Tabbed By: ClosedRoad 
Intro first only guitar then 
Fade in with: E->>>>>0--| 
Intro I 
G --------------------------| 
D -2-----------2------------| 
A ---42342-234---42342-234--| 
E --------------------------| 
G ------------4-------------------| 
D -2------------42---2-----4~-----| 
A --42342-234------4--423---------| 
E ----------------------------0~--| 
G ---------------------------------------| 
D ------2------2h4-2---------2-----------| 
A -4444---4444-------4--4444---4444-234--| 
E ---------------------------------------| 
G ---------------------------------------| 
D ------2------2h4-2--------2------------| 
A -4444---4444------4--4444---4444-4-----| 
E -----------------------------------0~--| 
play Intro I 1x but don't play last three notes 
Verse 1x 
Pre Chorus 
G ------------------------------| 
D -4~---2~---------2---------2--| 
A ----------2h4-44----2h4-44----| 
E ---0~-------------------------| 
G -------4---------------------------------------------------| 
D -4~---------------2---------2--4~----2//-654--2~-4~--------| 
A -----------2h4-44----2h4-44---------------------------444--| 
E ----0~----------------------------0~----------------0------| 
Intro 1x 
verse 1x 
Pre Chorus 1x 
Intro (Chorus) 2x 
G ---------------------------| 
D ---------------------------| 
A -4-4-4------4-4-4----4-----| 
E -----------------------0~--| 
G ------//9--11---11-9h11-9-9h11-7---------| 
D ----4--------------------------8-6-4--| 
A --------------------------------------| 
E -0~-----------------------------------| 
G --------------------------------| 
D ------4------4------4------4----| 
A --------------------------------| 
E -0--0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0--| 
   H  H P H  H P H  H P H  H P H 
G -------------| 
D ---4---------| 
A -------------| 4x (try to get the rhytm) 
E -0---0-0-00--| 
   H P H H HH 
During guitar solo play Pre Chorus 
Intro (Chorus) 4x 
End on: E---0---| 
That's song  
have Fun and please rate 
greetings ClosedRoad 

H: Hammer on
P: Pull Off
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