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Kiss Me Chords

INTRO:  C    Csus      C      Csus

VERSE 1: C        Csus                  
         kiss me out on the bearded barley
C7                    Csus                   
nightly beside the green green grass
C             Csus                  
swing swing swing the spinning step
C              Csus              C7
you wear those shoes and i will wear that dress
oh oh
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CHORUS:   Dm   G    C         Am
         kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Dm    G  C          Am         Dm
lead me out on the moonlit floor
lift your open hand
C               Csus              C7
strike out the band and make the fireflies dance
              F         G
silver moon sparkling

so kiss me

INTRO:  (play again between chorus and verse)

VERSE 2:  (same as verse 1)

CHORUS:  (play again)

INTRO:  (play again between choruses)

CHORUS:  (play again)

the end...hope it sounds good!!