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From Mon Apr 28 11:42:56 1997
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 09:17:16 -0600
From: Jim 
Subject: TAB: Disconnect, Sixpence None The Richer

Guitar Tablature For Sixpence None The Richer / This Beautiful Mess

Song Name: Disconnect

   D     Gm/Bb Gm6/C    D     Gm/Bb Gm6/C
[  /  /    /     /  ][  /  /    /     /  ]
D     Gm/Bb	   Gm6/C       D	    C	     G	     D
These things which I so often wonder, this need to create myself
   Gm/Bb	Gm6/C	       D
Frustration forgotten through slumber
       C	  G/B	   C	   G/B     G
It's there when I wake, defeated before I rise
   D     Gm/Bb Gm6/C    D     Gm/Bb Gm6/C
[  /  /    /     /  ][  /  /    /     /  ]
D   Gm/Bb      Gm6/C	     D	    C	        G         D
I'd pull myself out of this mire if I could collect my strength
   Gm/Bb     Gm6/C       D
Or muster an ounce of desire
C2	    G/B	       C2	   G/B   /A
Finding the words, and making them mine
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D	      G		   Em		  C2	  D	  G
Is there somewhere I could separate this feeling from memory
   Em		       C2  (VAMP)
Disconnect myself from me?

Desire inside to mistreat you, it pushes words out of my mouth
This cyclical pattern I feed you
The back & forth, & up & down
But still here you are


D	     G	   Em	       C2
Behind this veil of pious revelation
D	       G	Em	        Asus       G2 D
I'll close my eyes and look for worth inside, cause I
C2	  G/B       C2 G/B D  C2 G/B D
I don't deserve you
 C2 G/B D      C2 G/B D      C2 G/B D      C2 G/B G
[ /  /  /  / ][ /  /  /  / ][ /  /  /  / ][ /  /  /  / ][ / / ]

Relinquishing hope for the future, I try not to hate it so
But you are a bridge to those memories
I try to forget, if you only knew

 D	          G	   Em	            Asus
...I'll close my eyes and look for worth inside
D	      G	     Em	      C2
Is there somewhere to occupy emotion
D	   G	   Em		 C2
A room to keep my rage away from you?
D	      G		 Em		  C2
Just tell me when these hopeless days are over
D	      G	      Em	     Asus       G2 D
I'll open my eyes and see my new sun rise, cause I
C2	        G/B
I don't deserve this
 Em2	     C2    /B  Asus A      C2
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]

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