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So Beautiful Chords

So Beautiful

By Six String Theory

Tabbed By Spike/Guitar

[D] I saw her Standing there [A]...So Beautiful [Asus]

[D] With her flowing long red hair [A]...Oh So Beautiful [Asus]

[Em] She looked at me and smiled [G] I turned and looked away... Maybe

[D] Maybe will get to [A] meet [Em] Another Day... (Pause)

[D] Tried to think of things to say [A]...So Beautiful [Asus]

[D] Then I turned and looked her way [A]...She's So Beautiful [Asus]

[Em] I melted in her eyes [G] She made me realize...That I 
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[D] That I just couldn't [A] Wait [Em] Another Day... (Pause)

[D] So I asked her for her name [A]...So Beautiful [Asus]

[D] Then I looked into her soul [A]...Its So Beautiful [Asus]

[Em] Said she's seen me hear before [G] I said I'd like to see her more...Maybe

[D] Maybe we'll get to [A] gether [Em] Another Day...(Pause)

[D] Been together for 10 years [A]...Still So Beautiful [Asus]

[D] We've had good times and we've had tears [A]...So Damn Beautiful [Asus]

[Em] Now I think about that day [G] How you almost got away...But I'm 

[D] But I'm glad that I did [A] Stay for [Em] Another Day

[D] Yes I'm glad that I did [A] Stay for [Em] Another Day