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Sarah Tab


By Six String Theory
Tabbed By Spike/Guitar

Chorus 2X

[G] Money doesn't matter to Sarah [C] Money doesn't matter to her

Verse #1 


[A] Sarah never did [F] Ask for much Just a [C] Warm bed [G] Food and such

[A] She didn't need a [F] big ol car or [C] hang out at the [G] local bar

[A] We had a great [F] Relationship because we [C] Cherished our [G] Companionship

[A] We never talked but we [F] Both did listen And if [C] we weren't together we would

[G] [Let ring] Both be missing each other...Cause

Chorus #2 [Chord change] [D] [G] [D] [G] 
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We would [A] Lay down on the [F] pull out bed [C] Watch T.V. till our [G] eyes were red

Maybe [A] Rin Tin Tin or [F] Mister Ed [C] Sleep all weekend till the

[G] [Let ring] Sun comes up on Monday...Cause

Chorus #3 [D] [G] [D] [G]

We would [A] Go for Summer [F] Moonlight walks or [C] Swim for hours [G] Down at the docks

[A] Drive for icecream in the [F] Old pickup [C] Run out of gas and [G] [Let ring]

Have to walk back home...Cause

Chorus #4 2x

[D] Money didn't matter to Sarah [G] Money didn't matter to her

[Quiet strum ending]

[C] They say it's seven years to [G] One for us [C] Either way it's not [G] Enough...