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Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 22:53:06 -0230
From: Lee Bennett (
Subject: TAB:Just Remember by Sister Hazel

                            JUST REMEMBER
Album: somewhere more familiar
Lyrics by: K .Block
Music by: k .Block and Sister Hazel

  G                  C(9)           D              C

---3-----        ----3----      ----2----      -------------|
---3-----        ----3----      ----3----      ----1--------|
---- ----        ---------      ----2----      -------------|
------ =96         ----2----      ---------      ----2------|
---2=97---         ----3----      ---------      ----3------|
---3----         ---------      ---------      ---------=20-|

Intro: G C(9) G C(9) G

a crooked chimney standing in the middle of a field
Once surrounded by the walls of work

by laughter and by love
The sound of children playing
[ Tab from: ]
And the sound of people saying=20
C(9)              G=20
I love you...Yeah you

A crooked tree stands naked near the centre of the field
Barely rooted in the browns and greys
Of that once was green=20
A place long since forgotten
In a world of yesterday
Except by me..Yeah me

    D          C                      G
And oh...Whose plan was this anyway
    C(9)                                        G
And I never thought he would want it to be this way

(Pause)     C(9)             G   =20
It once was beautiful..right here
            C(9)          G
It still is here
              C(9)         G
you once were beautiful..I hear
I hear it can be beautiful=20
Just remember

Solo: G C(9) G C(9) G (something like that)

A twisted little image in your perfect little world
of the chapter where it all begun
about a song already sung
Burt around the edges
Nearly faded..nearly gone
Even you...yeah you=20

A shiny building standing in the centre of today=20
Where indifferent people go to work
Go about their pay
Knowing they've forgotten=20
In the most convenient way

(Pre chorus)
(Pre chorus)