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So Long Chords

Artist: Siren's Sister
Title: So Long
Album: Echoes From The Ocean Floor
Tab: stringping
Tuning: EADGBe

G , C , Em , F#/D , C

Verse 1
G                   C
I threw myself from seven story window

         G                            C
thinking independant flight was in my reach

G                  C
jumped overboard a brave and agile swimmer

        G                                 C
floated face down till I washed up on the beach

Em                F#/D             G
if all it took was patience i'd be living

Em                    F#/D              G
in a perfect world with you right by my side

Em               F#/D           G         D          C
but honey I'm not man enough to chase you around the world

or be there every time you cry

G                  C
So long my love it always hurts to see you

      Em                 F#/D            C
every time I call you're running out the door

G                             C
goodbye good luck and may the earth rise up to meet you
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            Em            F#/D                  C
cause every time I fall I can't get off the floor

   Em                   F#/D          C
or keep this heart from breaking even more

Verse 2
G                        C
You had your fun playing games with crooked memories

         G                                 C
string a boy along a hook right through my cheek

G                    C 
you chewed him up so proud you little princess

       G                            C
got me tongue tied now I can't even speak

Em             F#/D           G
kiss me on the cheek and I am breathless

Em               F#/D                G
too weak to keep myself from fucking up

Em       F#/D               G           D     C
baby I'm afraid you finally played your final game

cause karma's coming to fix you up

Am                    C
I see your a thousand times when I close my eyes

     G                           F#/D    
it's all down hill from here it's all down hill from here

Am                        C                             D
if I can't get you off my mind then I feel like I could die

like I could die

Enjoy! I'll be working on the rest of the album.