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One More Day Chords

One More Day
Written by Harry Gregson-Williams and Trevor Horn
Performed by various artists, including Sinead O'Connor and Richie Havens

Chords in parentheses are optional or could be played after the immediately preceding chord. 

This is not exactly what is on either version. It's an interpretation. This song 
could be played with many more chord changes. 

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My love more dear 
               Asus               A
Than this life you are to me
Your kiss more clear 
D                    (E2)        E
Than the crystal of the sea
           D     E               F#m 
Please save me, I have fallen here
        D (Dmaj9)   E      A
I am lost             and alone
              D    E 
An angel weeps
I hear him cry
             D         E  (Esus)
A lonely prayer
A voice on high
Dry all your tears
                  C#m7 (D)
Come what may
                 E                       (Esus)
And in the end the sun will rise
E                   F#m
On one more day
D      E     A

Repeat part I ("Please save me") and end here:                                        

And in the end, the sun will rise on one more day