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Bang Bang Tab

Nancy Sinatra (i.e. Boots)
Bang Bang
Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack (matches perfectly for the movie)

Tabbed by Guracaa

	Main thing to remember about this song is to slowly strum the chords slowly enough so that it sounds like each note is it's own, not from a chord. If you're a guy and want to sing it, then switch perspective in the song (Bang bang, I shot her down for the first verse etc. etc. etc.) Sounds great when sung with two people, Nancy Sinatra style and bassy style. Enough of me rambling on, on to the tab... 

	The intro and solo parts go like this...

   Fm        Bb     C       Fm
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e |-----------------0-------1-|
B |1--1----2---21---1--21---1-|
G |--1-3-1----3---3-0----3101-|
D |-3--------3------2-2-----3-|
A |-----------------33------3-|
E |----------------------#0#1-|
			  ^Don't play the first time			
	After the intro, keep playing the Fm chord and play these notes, notice the diminishing triad...
   Fm                    C
e |-------------------3--0-|
B |-------1----1-----4---1-|
G |------1----1-----3----0-|
D |-----2----1-----1-----2-|
A |--------------------6/3-|
E |------------------------|
   I... we...      he... he... 

Then the chorus...

e |------1-------------3-------0-|
B |------1-------------4-------1-|
G |------1-------------3-------0-|
D |------2-------------1-------2-|
A |31----2--31---------------6/3-|
E |--431-----431-----------------|
       Bang... Bang... Bang... Bang...

	Then go back to the solo, the verse, chorus and solo play once more, and then it goes on to a bridge with a strum solo at the end...

   Fm	    C	   
e |1------1--3-----------1--------|
B |1------1--4-----22242422-12421-|
G |1------1--3-----33333333-00000-|
D |3------3--1-----11111111-22222-|
A |3------3-----------------33333-|
E |1------1-----------------------|
   Music... Just...

	Then go to the chorus and do the solo again and you're done. Not so hard, but it sounds great! This song sort of "redefines" Nancy Sinatra, she's not just going to be the "Boots" girl anymore! :)

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