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Untitled Solo Tab

The yahoo's at UG rejected this for some reason, so I'll submit it to you.

Hopefully you'll see that it's correct, and the only one on the net that is right.

Note: This is the only guitar part in the song. Hence why it's only the solo.

Song: "Untitled"  Solo
Artist: Simple Plan
Album: "Still Not Getting Any"
Tuning:  Standard (E - 440)
Tabbed By: Hip2u77  (7-13-05)

For something to help the new guys/gals out, I've included which notes to pick, and which figures to use.


h     = Hammer on
p     = Pull off
^( )^ = Bend to note in ( ) then release (Hint: Bend note on A string "down" towards high e string. Bend note on G string up) 
/     = Slide up
\     = Slide down
*     = Pick note
i,m,r,p = Index, middle, ring & pinky

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                                                                                                     p /p\ p
    i  r/r    i  r^(r)^r     i i/i       i h r/r   i  r  r^(r)^r      i  r  i     m/m     i i  i     r /r\ r
B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------11/12---11-------- 14/16\14-----|
G|-------------------------------------------------------13^(15)13----11h13p11--------------11-------13/15\13---- |
    *  *    *    *           *  *        *     *   *   *  *           *           *       * *   *    *