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Id Do Anything Chords

Capo on 1st fret

G       - 320033
C2      - X23033
D/F     - 200233
Em7     - 022033
G/F#    - 2X0033

Intro: C2 D/F Em7          x3

Verse 1: "Another Day..."

G G/F# Em7 C2 D/F G        x3

Transition into Pre-Chorus 1:

 G              G/F#             Em7              C2 D/F Em7
"But now you're gone and I can't think straight"

Pre-Chorus 1: 

 Em7                   C2             D/F                       C2 C2
"This could be the one last chance to make you understand...yea

Chorus 1: "I'd Do Anything

G D/F# Em7 C2              x4

Intro 2:

*Same Chords*              x1

Verse 2:
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*Same Chords*              x3

Transition into Pre-Chorus 2:

*Same Chords*              x2

    D/F                     Em7
"...make you understand and i just can't let..."

Chorus 2: 

*Same Chords*              x4

Interlude: *Palm Mute*

I close my eyes 
    D/F          Em7
And all I see is you
I close my eyes
I try to sleep
I can't forget you

*Stop Palm Muting*

C2      D/F    
Nanana (....)
And I'd do anything for you
C2      D/F                  C2 C2
Nanana (....)

Chorus 3:

*Same Chords*             x4

My first tab, and possibly the most confusing. If you have any questions, e-mail 
me at Thanks and hope you enjoy the tab.