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The Beep Beep Song Tab

Song by simone white

i've noticed none of the tab sited had this song, so i tabbed it myself :D
i'm not sure it's 100% correct though. but i think i'm pretty close.

it's are really easy song to play, have fun!

Capo on fret 7


E |--3---|
B |---3--|  x4

    Beep beep beep beep...
E |---3----3---|
B |------------|
G |--0-0--0-0--|    x2
D |-0----------|
A |------2-----|
E |------------|
[ Tab from: ]
   Go the horns in the cars... 
E |---2----2---|
B |------------|
G |--4-4--4-4--|    x2
D |-4----------|
A |------2-----|
E |------------|

for the whole song accept for the bridges:

First Bridge:

opposite directions
synchronised feet

Second Bridge (long one):

can you wait forever
D                             Dm  
if time is all it takes?  
    Dm  Dm  Dmadd7 
despite all the warnings
Dm Am   Am Am
i landed like a fallen star

E E              Bm
in your arms

Third Bridge:

C D Am G