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Putchyo Bibon Chords

Intro:  E, A add 9 (x 4)
E                              A add 9
Heading east to Montauk, Gonna get some surf and sun

E                                    A add 9
Time to grab the board again, time to have a little fun

E                               A add 9
Smoke my kind, relax your mind,     come with me my friend

E                                    A add 9
We’ll escape the real world, by going surfing at “The End”
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B add 9                    C#/Dbm7   B add 9    A add 9
I’ll never forget what you said      to         me..........

..........Putchyo bib’on

Verse II:

Drinking at the Memory

Motel and there’s a party

Drinking shots with bugs on top

going down smooth with Bacardi

Skip outside to find a ride

Gonna go home for tonight


All you have to do, to make it seem alright

Is putchyo bib’on

< < solo > >

All you have to do to make it seem alrgiht

Is putchyo bib’on