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Still Dreaming Chords

Still Dreaming
Arrivals And Departures
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm -   x35543
Bb -   x13331
G# -   466544
Eb -   x68886
Fm -   133111
Gm -   355333
Bb/D - x587xx

Intro: Bb--Eb--G#(x2) Cm--Bb--G# (x2)

Verse 1:
Cm                   Bb       G#
  2 a.m., I lie down deep in slumber
                     Eb      Fm
Feelings are falling downward
I want to forget
Cm                      Bb       G#
  Waking up, I hear the way your voice sounds
                   Eb       Fm
My heart starts to pound now
To the rhythm of yours
Cm              Bb G#
  You're so angelic Your words so symphonic
Eb Fm                    Eb                    G#(hold)
   Touch your lips to my soul eat this sorrow away
How am I so lucky, I found you?

Cm             Bb                  G#
  Sometimes, I feel like I'm still dreaming
Cm              Bb               G#
  It seems like everyday, you're always on my mind
Bb        Cm         Eb                   Cm
  This is how we stay so connected, so connected
Bb               G#  Bb
  over space and time

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Verse 2:
Cm                          Bb  G#
  When we talk about all my old drama
                   Eb    Fm             Eb--Bb
You look at me and wonder how I'm not insane
Cm                         Bb     G#
  Every week the days seem to get longer
But you know our love gets
 Eb     Fm                  Eb--Bb 
stronger with every word we say
Stronger every day
You know I would do anything for you

(Repeat Chorus)

Cm-Bb                   G#  Gm
     If you are feeling down
                    Cm Bb
you know I feel it, now
We give each other strength 
to make it through the darkness
Cm-Bb                 G#   Gm
     You take me to a place 
                Cm   Bb
I never want to leave
I'm in my deepest dream 
I don't ever want to wake up
G#     Bb           Cm     Bb/D
  I'll fight till I die, I won't say 
goodbye, and I won't let this pass me by

(Repeat Chorus)

Cm                     Bb
  Let's run away, run away, run away now
  Let's go away, go away to some place safe
Cm          Bb              G#
  I want it all, now I want everything
Bb        Cm         Eb                   Cm
  This is how we stay so connected, so connected
Bb               G#(hold)
  over space and time