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Call It Karma Chords

Verse [Cadd9->Cmaj7 Cadd9->Cmaj7 Em7->Em G] 
Blame it on the weather
But I'm a mess
And this February darkness, has me hating everyone
And I know I need your comfort, but this drama makes me sick
And the longer I lay here, I know it's harder to get up without you

Prechorus [C Am Em G]
Lose another day here
Lose another year here
I'm with you

Find me something out there, that's making sense
And it's just another trend carefully hidden in your dress
And the cycles neverending, and the fashions overdone
And the further that I run away, the further I'll come back to shelter

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Chorus [C Am C Em->G]
You are the fire, on my apartment floor
Sixteen stories, I'd rather burn then fall
It isn't fate, that took us all by storm
It's just the turn of a card




[Am Em F G]
Goodbye, old friend
Goodbye, goodnight

[Em D C C]
I'll move on
You'll call it fate, I'll call it karma
We had our time, it was fun
While it lasted
I'll look back, with honor, and no regrets
I won't be mad, won't feel bad
These memories will never leave me
Don't be sad
Cause life goes on, life goes on
It's getting too late
Tomorrow is here