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Without You Tab

Without You: Silverchair
Taken from the album: Diorama

I think the album version was recorded in the same tuning as emotion sickness, 
but it's a pain in the arse having to fart around all the time with a tuner. 
So I came up with this. I think its pretty much spot on, although there are one or two parts, 
which might need tweaking slightly.

if anyone can do better. post a new version

Intro/main riff:

Eb |------------------------|
Bb |------------------------|
Gb |-------------6-6-6-6----|
Db |---7-7-7-7---7-7-7-7----|
Ab |---5-5-5-5---5-5-5-5----|
Db |---0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0----|

Break down: (Sometimes I just play octave chords above this)

	A				Bm7	G/D (chord name?)	
Eb |------5---------5-----------------------|
Bb |--------5---------5-------3---------3---|
Gb |----------------------------2---------2-|
Db |---2---------2---------4----------------|
Ab |-0---------0---------2-----------5------|
Db |-------------------------------5--------|

Pre chorus:

	D	E	G	A
Eb |-----------------------/-|
Bb |-----------------------/-|
Gb |---7----9----12-----14-/-|
Db |-----------------------/-|
Ab |---5----7----10-----12-/-|
Db |-----------------------/-|


	D	E	G	A
Eb |------------------------|
Bb |------------------------|
Gb |--------9---------------|	Play this bit 3 times and then
Db |---7----------5-----7---|
Ab |---5----7-----5-----7---|
Db |--------------5-----7---|

	B	G	A
Eb |------------------------|
Bb |------------------------|
Gb |------------------------|	this is break after each chorus where 
Db |--4-----5-----7--7------|	he sings "without you" play twice after
Ab |--2-----5-----7--7------|	last chorus.
Db |--------5-----7--7------|
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Verse 2 riff: 

Eb |----------------------------|
Bb |--15-15-15-15--14-14-14-14--|	then go into the verse riff from 
Gb |----------------------------|	the first verse
Db |----------------------------|
Ab |----------------------------|
Db |----------------------------|


	B	E	A	D
Eb |-----------------------|
Bb |-----------------------|
Gb |--------9-----------7--|	after bridge play the same riff as after
Db |--4-----------5--------|	the chorus, hold the A for an extra bar
Ab |--2-----7-----5-----5--|
Db |--------------5--------|

Outro riff! (Undoubtedly the best riff on the entire album)

Eb |------------------------------------------------------------|
Bb |-10-12-10-12-10---7-8-7-8-7---5-7-5-7-5---7-8-7-8-7h8p7p0---|
Gb |------------------------------------------------------------|
Db |------------------------------------------------------------|
Ab |------------------------------------------------------------|
Db |------------------------------------------------------------|

Eb |-----------x-x--------------------------------|
Bb |-----------x-x------3-----3-------------------|
Gb |-----------x-x------2-----2--------4----------|
Db |-5-5-5-/-9-x-x--2h4---2h4---2p0----------2-3--|
Ab |-5-5-5-/-9-x-x--2h4---2h4---2p0----2-----2-3--|
Db |-5-5-5-/-9-x-x--2h4---2h4---2p0----------2-3--|

If your playing this in a band, during the first part of the outro get the player to bash out the verse chords (the D riffs) while the lead play the single notes out over the top… and the both players come in for the second part. Play the above piece 4 times and then go into this. End on D

Eb |--x------x------x------|
Bb |--x------x------x---3--|
Gb |--x------x------x---2--|
Db |--x-2-3--x-5-5--x---0--|
Ab |--x-2-3--x-5-5--x---0--|
Db |--x-2-3--x-5-5--x-0-0--|