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New Race - Silverchair b-side

This is all I've figured out, I'm working on the intro and solo, if you know it,
send it to me and I can add it to this.
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Intro then pre-verse chords w/distortion
e -----------------------------------|
b -----------------------------------|
g ---4------2------------------------|
d ---4------2------------------------|
a ---2------0------------------------|
e -----------------------------------|
e ----------------------------------|
b ----------------------------------|
g ---7----5-------------------------|
d ---7----5-----5-------------------|
a ---5----3-----5-------------------|
e --------------3-------------------|
repeat that several time until the chorus
where he sings "yeah ha, im really gonna punch you out"
e -----------------------------------------------------|
b -----------------------------------------------------|
g -----7---/--10------5-----------2--------------------|
d -----7---/--10------5------5----2--------------------|
a -----5---/---8------3------5----0--------------------|
e ---------------------------3-------------------------|  repeat
then play the pre-verse on second time of chorus then back to the verse chords