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American Water Chords

Chords to American Water

Random Rules
Verse : C Em f (xx3210) C
Chorus: Dm f Dm f Dm f C

Smith and Jones Forever
Verse : Am f , Am f C E
Chorus: G Am (E with toggle)

Federal Dust
Verse : C#m Bb Dm F# E but is probably in another tuning
Chorus: C#m F# E F# E

Verse : x02124, x02120 Chorus: E, B7

Baseline is:

At the end of the chorus:

Blue Arrangements
Chords are B, Bmaj7, B7, E, Emaj7, 
Bm7, A, E, B, F# for the first two verses
then E, B, E, B, A, E for the chorus and the tab for that is:


and the chords for the rest of the song are B, x6987x, A, E with this at the end:

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Send in the Clouds

Verse : Em, G, D, C, G, D, 
then G,C
Chorus: Fmaj7, C, D, A, E, A.
Malkmus' part at the end is C, C, C#, D, A, 
D, A with f,D,A over and over.

Buckingham Rabbit

Verse : G, f, Em 3x, D, Em twice.
Chorus: Fmaj7, C

Honk If You're Lonely Tonight
Verse : D, E, G, a crazy chord that I think is just B string 3rd fret, D
Chorus: G, A, D, G, D, G, 
G, A, D

The Wild Kindness
Verse : Em, C, C, Em, Em, C, 
Chorus: D, Am, C, G, D, Am, 
D, Am, G, D, Am, C

Verse 1,2 + solo: ( G, Em, C, D. ) x 3 , 
C, G. Am, C, G, D. Verse 3: ( G, 
C, D. ) x 3 , Am, C, G. Am, C, f, D.

Thanks to Spencer, Ollie, Greg and Jimmy for mailing these chords.