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Queen Of Argyll Chords

Capo wherever you need for your voice...

Am                  Em
Gentlemen it is me duty 
     Am                Em
To inform you of one beauty 
           Am            Em
Though I'd ask of you a favor 
         C       G      Em
Not to seek her for a while 
         Am              Em
Though I own she is a creature 
      Am           Em
Of character and feature 
     Am                  Em
No words can paint the picture 
         C       G    Am
Of the queen of all Argyll
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        Am             Em
And if you could have seen her there 
Am                Em        (G)
Boys, if you had just been there 
     Am                Em
The swan was in her movements 
         C     G        Em
And the marvel in her smile 
          Am            Em
All the roses in the garden 
      Am              Em
They bow and ask her pardon 
         Am                  Em
For not one could match the beauty 
         C       G    Am
Of the Queen of all Argyll

On the evening that I mentioned 
I passed with light intention 
Through a part of our dear country 
Known for beauty and for style 
In the place of noble thinkers 
Of scholars and great drinkers 
But above them all for splendor 
Shone the Queen of all Argyll


So my lads I needs must leave you 
My intentions no' to grieve you 
Nor indeed would I deceive you 
Oh I'll see you in a while 
I must find some way to gain her 
To court her and to tame her 
I fear my heart's in danger
From the Queen of all Argyll

Chorus (twice)