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Love Love Love Chords

Intro: C G Am F

Verse 1:
C                    G
 It goes deeper than just religion
Am                  F
Realer than reality television
C                         G
Truer than the pages of a fairytale
      Am           F
It'll happily ever never fail

It's better than your good intentions
A lot more honest than a politician
It's worth more than the money in your pocket
It won't back down, no one can stop it

Love love love
Love love love
Love love love
Goes that far
Love love love
Love love love
So love love love
With all your heart

Verse 2:
You can find it where the children play
It's in the coffee shops and the alley ways
You can see it in the stars above
And when you think you can't, you can with love
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So take it out to the weak and lonely
Take it out to the outcasts too
Give it away to the tired weary
When you give it away, it comes back to you


C G Am F (2x)

Verse 3 (lighter): 
Read about a man who came in to this world
Loving every man, woman, boy and girl
Hung out with some folks that would make you stare
Saying come as you are, you’re welcome here

Spent His life with the least of these
Died on a cross between two thieves
And on the third day the stone rolled away
He beat back death so we could say


       C         G       Am        F
It's a great big hug for all those haters
C                      G         Am       F
Even broke through the dark side of Darth Vader
     C               G        Am     F
It's like the air we breathe, we all need it
C     G
  Oh, yeah
     Am           F
Even Chuck Norris can't defeat it

C G Am F (2x)


Outro: C G Am F (2x)
End on C