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Yesterday Tab

Side Walk Slam
The Past Remains
Tabbed by: Travis k
Dropped D
Main Riff 
Verse 1
you said that yesterday that 
you had thrown it all away 
F                            G 
walking out the door but you never                 
went away, hey! falling in and out of place 
with this sore society 
F                                 G 
your dreams are all destroyed and you have me to thank 
a time to learn           
a time to understand 
standing underneath the stars   
G                        A      (repeat the maind riff, then verse 2)
I slowly began to grab your hand 
Verse 2
yesterday has come and gone 
and now you're only stronger 
all the crooked roads and paths 
you follow no longer 
falling in and out of place 
with this sore society 
your dreams are all detroyed and you have me to thank 
[Main Riff] 
C  F  A  G (Throughout bass solo) 

[Chorus] {intro]  End on C
This is an awesome song! Have tons of fun with it!!
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