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Skydiving Chords

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Artist: SHY
Title: Skydiving
Album: Unfinished Business
Transcribed by: Paul Waring

Ab, Bb, Cm
Ab, Bb, Gm, Ab
Ab, Bb, Cm, Db

Verse 1:
Cm                      Bb
   We’ve been living in high times

Ab                                     Bb
   We’ve been loving in straight lines

Cm              Bb/Eb
   Falling from day to day

Not knowing where to go

Cm                       Bb
   But I’ve been working all the time

Ab                                Bb
   I’m looking for the right side

Ab Bb          Cm
      Where we won’t go

Ab Bb Gm       Ab
         If we let it go
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Ab Bb       Cm          Db        Bb
      So we hold on and free fall

Eb/Ab Bb/Ab

Gm              Cm      Bb
Nothing more to soul surviving

Ab                             Gm    Cm Bb
   We keep on driving into the night

Eb/Ab Bb/Ab

Gm                   Cm    Bb
Just biding time and not deciding

   We keep on falling

Verse 2:
We’ve been cruising late at night
We’ve been flying in straight lines
Horizon is clear now we’re free to go
We’ll be landing in good times
We’ve been waiting for the signs
If we don’t go
Then we’ll never know
If it’s never then let it go


Middle 8:
  Oo darling I’m calling

Db                      F
   Show me someway down

   Flying blind without a sound

Through endless cries

Db                 Gm Ab F Gm Bb Gm Bb
And homeward bound

Guitar Solo