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Sing Me To Sleep Chords

It's pretty much just G, Em, C and D over and over again, but I wrote out the whole song 
Sorry if the lyrics are wrong or something like that.

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Something keeps me awake
Something outside is stirring
Through the dark and over the grass
The rabbits and snakes are concurring
G                                      Em
They sing in the soil and bones rattle loud
They cry out as this they do see
Someone in those walls is suffering proud
For you are worth every ache within me
G                              Em
I don't hear music, don't hear anything
C                   D
I see dirt I see cement
What a troubled world it is when
You're outside arm's length
   C                             D
It pulls out its teeth in dry irreverence
G                        Em
Come and find me on this floor
I'm only a half truth betold
Take away all the distance and say
"My beloved now I'm here and now you are whole"
G                                 Em
If I turn to see your eyes in the dark
I will know the blue in an instant
Never have they gone so far
Or never has your face been distant
G                                          Em
My life I will give you like a verse and a ring
I will be your only one
C                              D
And what you ask of me will be yours until all is said and done
G                               Em
Your heart's a song that I hear Jesus sing
C                       D
It comes over oceans to me
        G                           Em
And the notes spell out messages in vibrant streams
           C                     D
And what's written you show only me
G                                        Em
But if you can't close up all the gaps tonight
Em                    C
Put me to bed in your ways
C                                  D
You see right through everything I am
For you my insides are displayed
G                             Em
Sing me to sleep my beautiful one
Em                           C
I will love only you for all time
C                        D
Sing me to sleep my only one
With promises that you are all mine
G                              Em
Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking
   C                    D
It sounds like music to me
G                         Em
I see your face and I can hardly breath
C                            D
It looks just like a song to me