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Wishing Well Chords

Wishing Well(pol)
Eb-Bb-C-Bb (8x)
F#-C#-Bb(palm muted)
Ill change the name on ur map
So ull be comin back
Ill change the channel on tv
So ull be home for me
Chorus; intro chords
I got a wishing well
Checked in a cheap motel
No time for kiss and tell
Everyone can break the spell
Im callin on your fone
Your faraway from home
Turned off the microphone
That’s why ur saying so that’s why ur saying so (break)
Interlude: intro chords
Ill change the signs on the street
Here is where we meet
I build my own bridge
Lets take a hitch (repeat chorus)
Think of me again
There s nothing wrong  
Come back to me 
Youll see….. (break)

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