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         D           Aadd2       G       Dsus4
He could measure the worth of an acre of land

    Aadd2                   D
And say when the wind would blow

D                 Aadd2       G               D
Reach down to the earth as it ran through his hand

     Bm            G             Aadd2
Hed tell you just what he could grow

    D          Aadd2          G          D
His family had stood on these ridges and hills
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Bm         G         Aadd2
Seven generations or more

Dsus4       Aadd2/C#    Dsus4/B       G
Born to the fields, the streams & the sky

D          Aadd2  D
Now hes a man of war

G                       Aadd2        G D
Strong winds, bring him back, haul away         

When his father fell the land was carved
One piece for every son
There was barely enough for a family to feed
Hardly enough for one
So he went to the harbour, stood on the quay
Saw the waves crash to the shire
Turning the cries of a man of the land
Into a man of war
Strong winds, bring him back, haul away