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Longdog Chords

Red brick cottage on the edge of the woods,
D                      G
Cars and cages all around,
At the back in a lean-to shed,
A        Bm          G       A
That's where my longdog's found.
Got a four-wheel pickup and a shotgun.
D                            G
Never bought a meal in my life.
C                            G
I go shopping with a lamp and a knife.
A           Bm    G          D
I got a longdog. I am a poacher.

D Bm A Em D
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Well out working in the fields one night,
On another man's land,
The boys in blue they watched me leave,
A sack full o' rabbits in hand.
Early next day they followed me down
To a shop in the middle of the square.
I sold a brace of pheasants, a rabbit, and a hare.
I got a longdog. I am a poacher.

Em             D             G
Only one thing a poor man needs
  C                   D          G
A lean and a long dog built for speed.
  Em                       D      G
But I was in the woods of the town JP
C                   G
County court couldn't agree
A          Bm         G          D
We got the longdog, we got a poacher

Well, I've done time. Now I'm on the street,
smarter in the head and lighter on my feet.
When those boys are out on the beat,
I'm gonna catch what I'm gonna eat
With my longdog. I am a poacher.

You know I got three months and a big fat fine
But I'm not namin' names.
Half this town's had a real good time
Living on longdog's game.
A red brick cottage on the edge of the woods,
Cars and cages all around.
waiting all day till the night comes around.
are the longdog. And the poacher.