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Captains Chords

This is in the key of the original track; however I prefer playing/singing it in the key of C. 

Esus4        B        C#sus2           Esus4
High above the Earth, hours before we land 
Esus4           B         C#sus2          Esus4
Morning slowly breaks and dawn’s lifting 
Esus4         B         C#sus2       Esus4
The only one awake, so gently in my hands
Esus4             B       C#sus2            Esus4
I trace a hundred lives, through darkness drifting 

Esus4                         F#m        Asus4
I will bring you back, I will hold you
Esus4                          F#m         Asus4    B   F#
My arms are strong, they will enfold you

(Continue chords from first verse and chorus)
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Far out at sea, a hundred miles from shore
A storm begins to rise and the tide’s turning
Driving wind and rain, to try my skills once more
Testing yet again, all my craft and learning

All my love to calmer seas, I will steer you
And you’ll be safe, when I am near you

For we search on  every side, for a compass and a guide,
B                              F#
Someone with the atlas and the charts
           E             B            F#     E
Oh we say please be the captain of my heart
   F#  E  C#sus2  E 
My heart

Verse (same chords as before)

We turn away from town, and steer towards the west
The rain beats on the roofs, as the Sun is setting

    Esus4                           F#m  Asus4
You close your eyes and see you’re sleeping
    Esus4                       F#m  Asus4
And as you dream you’re in my keeping
   Esus4                            F#m  Asus4
At last when you wake and look around you
Esus4                              F#m    Asus4    B   F#
I have brought you back and I have found you