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Lay Low Chords

Standard Tuning, Capo 5

Intro C - F

         F             C
Well I probably should be
 G          Am
Drug out to sea
F               C
I canít hurt no one
       G            Am
And no one can hurt me
F               C
At least Iíd be free
 F               Am
And probably Iíd see
     F            C         G          Am      
What caused me to be so detached completely
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Jumpiní rope
Through a thick cloud of smoke
Fumbliní through all of the letters and notes
The ones that you wrote
Do they keep me afloat
Or just wrap around my throat like a noose on a rope
(Probably both)

   C   G
So lay low
Am  F
  C             G      Am   G
I wonít be back anytime soon
      C    G
If it gets too
Am   F
       C          G              C
I will follow you around in this tune

I donít know what to do
What Iíd do if I knew
But we go through our day
And get by and get through
But my heart is with you
You probably knew your love is like glue

So lay low
I wonít be back anytime soon
If it gets too lonely
I will follow you around in this tune

So lay low
Just for a little while more
If you canít keep waiting
I will find my way back to your door

Jared from MD