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Birmingham Chords

First tab I'v put up, and I'm quite sure its correct.  Comments or concerns

Delta Mama and a Nickajack Man
Raised their Cumberland daughters in a Tennessee band
Played Springwater at Station Inn
C                                Em
Couldn't play fast, couldn't fit in

Caught a '66 Dodge in Caroline
Got her education on her mama's dime
She was singing in a bar called Comatose
C                              Em
Halfway rusted on the salty coast

C             G
Rock of Ages, cleave for me
C       G       Em     G       
Let me hide myself in Thee
G        C    Em
Buried in the sand
C              G        D      G
Five hundred miles from Birmingham

Rockamount Cowboy in a rock and roll band
G                                        Em
Plugged his amplifier in all across the land
Athens, Georgia on a friday night
C                                      Em
Saw that little girl, she could sing alright

Spent five years going from town to town
G                                     Em
Waiting on that little girl to come around
Caught in the arms of New York City
C                                  Em
To lose that gal seemed terrible pity
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C              G
Rock of Ages, cleave for me
C         G      Em   G
Let my heart forget a beat
G      C   Em
Why do you demand
C          G    D      G        
Calling me from Birmingham

Pulled her covered wagon off the BQE
Em                                          G
Said this'll be the last you'll ever see of me
Well the cowboy laughed said I know it's not true
Em                                                 G
Cause there's nothing I could do to get loose from you

Made a little money playing in the bars
G                                     Em
With two beat up drums and two old guitars
From the Crescent City to the Great Salt Lake
C                                    Em
It ain't what you got, it's what you make

G    Em   C   Em

When the road got rough and the wheels all broke
Couldn't take more then we could tow
Making something out of nothing with a scratcher and our hope
C                                           G
With two old guitars like a shovel and a rope

C               G 
Rock of Ages, cleave for me
C       G       Em      G
Let me hide myself in Thee
G      C   Em
Now I understand
C         G           D      G
On better terms since Birmingham